May 23, 2022 Meeting

Meet the Candidates
Monday, May 23rd
6pm until 9pm

Arizona Free Enterprise Club

1835 E Elliot Rd. #102

Tempe, AZ 85284

Located in the SE corner of Elliot and McClintock

next to the Pollack Theater

Meet 6:00 – 9:00 pm

Guest Speakers:

Justin Olson
US Senate Candidate

David Richardson 
LD 12 Arizona State Senate Candidate

Gina Godbehere
Maricopa County Attorney Candidate

Jodi Polanski, Executive Director
with Lost Our Home Pet Rescue
will speak briefly about
the unique animal rescue she founded
in regards to our 2022 Caring for America Project

Justin Olson

About Justin
I am running for the Senate to decrease the size, scope and reach of the federal government. I am deeply concerned about the direction the Democrats are leading our country. Spending in DC is out of control; and yet, Mark Kelly and the Biden Administration are supporting a new $3.5 trillion spending bill. This is the largest expansion of the socialist state since the Great Society. If we continue down this path, we will bankrupt our children’s future; we will create demoralizing governmental dependence and runaway inflation. To pass on a strong and a free country to our children and grandchildren, we must change course. As your Senator, I will be an unwavering voice for fiscal responsibility, low taxes, and strong economic growth. I will fight relentlessly for secure borders, the right to life, and the Second Amendment. In this race, I am the only candidate with a proven conservative record. As a State Representative, I fought for and delivered balanced budgets. My successful legislation cut taxes, reduced state debt, and defunded Planned Parenthood. I earned an “A” rating from the National Rifle Association, funded border security and voted to ban ballot harvesting.  In 2018, I was elected to statewide office, where I currently fight to protect Arizonans’ hard earned resources and to advance free markets. In addition to my public service, I worked as the CFO for Turning Point USA, the leading conservative organization educating students about the importance of fiscal responsibility, free markets, and capitalism.  I was born in Arizona, educated here and built my career here. My roots run deep in the Arizona desert where my family history goes back several generations. I will bring Arizona’s conservative values to our nation’s capital. Above all, I will never back down in the fight for freedom, so our children and grandchildren will enjoy the blessings of liberty and prosperity for generations to come.

About David
From growing up in a rented guest house in Phoenix, to becoming a first-generation college graduate, to founding multiple businesses and providing mentorship to others—David’s personal story highlights the power of educational and economic opportunity in Arizona, which he hopes to preserve for future generations.  Born and raised under the poverty line in the heart of Phoenix, David attended Arizona public schools (Richard E. Miller, Madison Meadows, and Sunnyslope) and ultimately earned a full-ride scholarship to Arizona State University. Balancing a full-time student course load while supporting himself through full-time employment at local businesses, David became a first-generation college graduate, finishing debt-free with a B.S.E. in Mechanical Engineering and a graduate degree in Nanoscience. Arizona’s educational and employment opportunities paved a way out of poverty, changing David’s life forever. He is grateful to live in a state where he can now raise his family to experience the American Dream. After working full-time for local businesses since his junior year of high school, David ventured out on his own to start his first business in 2016, with support and training from multiple local incubator programs.  He and his co-founders developed drug discovery and diagnostic tools to enable truly personalized treatment for cancer patients, winning multiple federal and local grants for their projects. During this time, David was selected as a Global Innovation Fellow through the U.S. State Department and was asked to represent American entrepreneurs overseas. When the COVID-19 pandemic hit Arizona, David pivoted his team to serve the community by developing high-throughput COVID-19 tests, which have been used by local health organizations, businesses, and assisted living facilities. He then opened an Ahwatukee lab, providing quick, accurate COVID-19 test results so members of his community could rejoin their loved ones and return to work with confidence. David knows firsthand the joys, trials, freedoms, and fears of entrepreneurship in Arizona. David believes our economy will not thrive unless our people are thriving, and people thrive when their liberty is preserved. He will always support and champion measures that protect our constitutional rights and freedoms, including free exercise of religion, free speech, private property ownership, and the freedom to bear arms.  David believes that our government should not regulate speech, but rather that the community should counteract and drown out vile speech with good speech. He believes our government should never infringe on an Arizonan’s religious practice, ask them to act contrary to their conscience, or prohibit their freedom to gather. Our system of checks and balances is as important to our state and country as water is to the desert, and because David believes the ultimate check and balance on government power is the people’s right to bear arms, he will staunchly uphold the 2nd amendment.   Individual prosperity is directly correlated to individual liberty, and the preservation of liberty requires that our government be both as small as possible and only as large as necessary. In evaluating policies, David will carefully weigh whether a measure infringes on personal liberty, or whether it erodes a check and balance. He believes we can address the complex issues before us without sacrificing our liberty, and that it is the duty of policy makers not to infringe on Arizonans’ fundamental rights.

About Gina

Gina Godbehere is a former bureau chief and trial attorney who handled juvenile, gang, homicide and violent crimes cases at the Maricopa County Attorney’s Office(MCAO).  In her 25 years of service with MCAO, Gina served as Bureau Chief for 17 of those years under four different administrations, and trained and mentored 100s of attorneys.  She was the designated bias crimes prosecutor for over a decade and currently serves as the Goodyear City Prosecutor.  She is the CEO and co-founder of Speak Up, Stand Up, Save a Life, a conference that focuses on “encouraging students to speak up about depression, suicide, grief, abuse, and bullying.” “The public must know that the Maricopa County attorney is a fair-minded advocate for justice with a record to offer that confidence,” Godbehere said in a statement on her campaign website. “My years as a prosecutor, combined with my commitment to the youth of our state, have provided a clear picture of my core values and heart to do what is right within our community.”