NFRW Alarmed by President Obama’s Stress on Executive Orders in SOTU





Alexandria, Va.–Kathy Brugger, president of the National Federation of Republican Women (NFRW), issued the following statement regarding President Barack Obama’s State of the Union address:


“In his State of the Union address last night President Obama set the stage for an imperial presidency, alluding several times to taking action by executive order when Congress does not pass the laws that he is satisfied with. A resort to executive orders to propel his liberal agenda demonstrates how desperate the President is to codify his legacy by any means necessary.


The President alluded directly and indirectly to implementing projects in his ‘year of action’ by executive orders nine times during his State of the Union address last night. He plans to circumvent Congress by executive order when it comes to handling the permitting process for infrastructure progress, propelling the natural gas industry, reforming training programs, implementing nation-wide pre-K, raising the minimum wage for federal contractors, creatin

g a new system for retirement savings, and action on gun control measures. As Republicans we believe that if the changes above are going to be made, they need to be made with proper debate and passage in Congress–not by executive power alone.


The President’s speech tonight serves as a reminder to Republican activists that this year’s midterm elections are vitally important and that we need to work hard to make Republican gains in Congress.”

NFRW Political Briefing – Omnibus Spending Bill

The Continuing Resolution and the Omnibus: Talking Points on Budget Woes This Week
  • The government shutdown ended in October with a Continuing Resolution (CR) that funded the government through January 15. With that date approaching, the House passed a short-term CR that will fund the government through Saturday to avoid another shutdown while a larger, omnibus spending bill is negotiated that will fund the government through the rest of this fiscal year. The Senate is expected to pass the short-term CR this evening.
  • The omnibus spending bill will have 12 parts; the omnibus will be a comprehensive package of 12 different spending bills. Lumping 12 spending bills into one huge bill–that currently stretches to 1,582 pages– allows for two things: first, political cover for lawmakers who have inserted pork projects in the bill, because it is so large no one will really read it until after it has passed; and second, such a big spending package mitigates the opportunity for lawmakers to debate the merits and demerits of certain provisions that deserve to be debated, like funding for Head Start.
  • The omnibus spending bill is expected to cost $1.012 trillion. However, as Romina Boccia at the Heritage Foundation pointed out last week:

“The Ryan-Murray budget deal increases spending by $45 billion above the spending caps agreed to in 2011 by a bipartisan majority. While this new spending level presents the upper limit, it would be close to a miracle if Congress spent any less than the $1.012 trillion included in the budget deal. Instead, it is more likely that Congress will try to spend even more by exploiting budget gimmicks.”

  • According to the budget deal that passed last month setting spending at $1.012 for 2014, $491.7 billion will be dedicated to domestic spending and $520.5 billion will be dedicated to defense spending. As the Wall Street Journal notes, the bill also will include $92 billion in emergency funds for potential crises overseas. How the spending in those categories will be allocated exactly depends on how that money is appropriated.

Assistance for Oklahoma Federation Members

Dear NFRW Members,

Progress was slow in reaching out to all our local Oklahoma RW Club members but we completed our contacts and have identified six members of the Helen Cole RW Club and two members of the Cleveland County RW Club that sustained loss of their homes and belongings from the Moore, Oklahoma tornado.
Those wishing to assist these federation members directly are requested to send GIFT CARDS for Visa, Walmart or Target stores or if preferred, make checks payable to the HELEN COLE Republican Women’s Club and mail to the local club president:

Helen Cole RW Club
Attn: Kay Osborn
101 E. Gray, Suite A
Norman, OK 73069

All donations will be distributed to these identified members immediately to fill-in the lapse of time until insurance or disaster relief funds are made available. Our Local RW members are furnishing temporary housing, supplies, transportation and labor for recovering any personal items at the demolished home sites.

I also ask for your continued prayers in the coming weeks for the residents of Moore. While the news cycle will soon change, these women, their families, businesses and their community will continue to face challenges of daily living and rebuilding in the coming months and yes, even years.

Thanks to the National Federation members for your messages of comfort, prayers and actions that show what “caring for America” is all about.

Warms regards,

Sue Thompson
Ok.FRW – State President

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