Resist Obamacare

January 15, 2013

Dear Friend,

Yesterday, Governor Brewer announced her support for a dramatic expansion of Medicaid and an embrace of Obamacare.  Her proposal reportedly would add 300,000 people to the Medicaid rolls in Arizona.  This would allow Arizona to reap $7.9 billion in federal funds thanks to opting into Obamacare.  However, she proposes paying for this expansion with a “bed tax” on Arizona hospitals.  Since there is no free lunch, this new tax will mean in practice that these costs will be passed down to middle-class Arizonans by increases in health care expenses and medical insurance.

In short, this plan proposes a vast expansion of the welfare state, a sizable new tax for the middle class, and an embrace of Obamacare.  Previously, Governor Brewer had joined with 25 other states in urging the repeal of Obamacare.

Her plan is being pressed reportedly by her former budget director, a liberal staffer with whom I once served in the Symington administration.

This cannot stand.  Conservatives must unite to oppose this.  I have spoken to one state legislator who is helping to bring together opposition in the legislature to this move.  But citizens must do their part as well.

We must bravely resist this latest maneuver to expand the welfare state.  If Republicans and Tea Party activists cannot unite to oppose this measure, then what do we stand for anymore?  That this is being seriously considered and advocated in this way shows once again, as I’ve been saying for months, just how broken and dysfunctional our government has become.

A Time for Action

What can you do?  Contact your state legislator and urge him or her to oppose this measure.  Urge your Republican district or Tea Party to oppose it.  I will continue to speak out against this and other measures that demonstrate just how badly our government and the political class have gone astray.  But mobilization is critical.

The power brokers who are behind this have money, influence, the newspaper, and other weapons at their disposal.  But we have people power.  It’s time to use it.

Thank you for all you do for liberty and our country.  I will be in touch as I work with other conservatives to defeat this ill-advised plan.

May God bless you and your family.

Andrew Thomas