McCain Town Hall Meeting – Tomorrow

Below is an email action alert from NumbersUSA

Dear Arizona Activists,

Senator John McCain, proud member of the Gang of Eight, will be holding a town hall this Monday, April 29th in Goodyear.

Since the Border Security, Economic Opportunity, and Immigration Modernization Act (S 744) was released, many serious flaws have been discovered in the bill.

The bill does not live up to its authors’ enforcement promises. There are no real security triggers that must be met before amnesty is issued to 11 million illegal aliens. S 744 gives unprecedented powers to the Homeland Security Department including 400 exceptions to the rules. The bill was written by special interest groups while law enforcement officials were left in the dark.

Also, the bill would open the gates even wider to mass immigration. At least 33 million new immigrants would be allowed to live and work here in the first decade of implementation. NumbersUSA is the only group that has come out with a number. Pro-amnesty groups are reluctant to release their estimates because they know the American people would not sign on to such a irresponsible policy.

We encourage you to attend the town hall on Monday with John McCain and ask him about his legislation’s serious flaws.

As of today, Senator McCain is the only Gang of Eight member who has held any town halls to discuss immigration.

Here is the information for the town hall:

  • Monday, April 29, 2013

    Time: 1:30 p.m. PT

    Where: Goodyear City Hall, Room 117

    190 North Litchfield Road

    Goodyear, Arizona 85338

Do you plan to attend the town hall?

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If so, here are some suggested points to bring up if you speak at the town hall:

  • Does Senator McCain have an estimate of how many immigrants would get green cards in the first 10 years if S 744 were to pass? One estimate says that at least 33 million new immigrants would get to live and work here in the next decade. Why was this bill written as if we are suffering from some sort of serious labor shortage when the reality is that 20 million Americans who want a full time job cannot find one?

    **Note: The day after the immigration hearings finished this week, the Senate held another hearing on long term unemployment that got barely no media coverage.

  • The Gang of Eight promised that illegal aliens would have to pay back taxes before legalization. In Sec. 2101, subtitle “Payment of Taxes” actually shows that there’s no requirement to pay back taxes unless the illegal alien has already been flagged by the IRS for owing back taxes. What does Sen. McCain have to say about this broken promise?

    Read more here.

  • The Gang of Eight promised that enforcement would come before legalization. 70% of Americans would only consider amnesty if enforcement measures were met first. But, S 744 does not do this. The Department of Homeland Security is only required to write plans of interior and border enforcement before amnesty is issued. Even the main stream media is admitting this. Alan Gomez of USA Today: “There are no measurements of border security that must be reached before the nation’s unauthorized immigrants could apply to become legal residents.” What does Sen. McCain have to say about this broken promise?
  • The Gang of Eight promised the border would be secured before amnesty was give to illegal aliens. However, the bill allows the DHS to determine when the border is secure and does not require ANY new fencing whatsoever if the DHS determines it is not needed. DHS Secretary Napolitano has already said she would rather not build any more border fences. What does Sen. McCain have to say about this broken promise?
  • Thank you Sen. McCain for actually having town halls about this immigration bill. This bill would impact every American one way or another. Why haven’t any other Gang of Eight members scheduled a town hall and do you think they should?
  • This immigration bill is expected to cost U.S. taxpayers at least 4 trillion dollars. Why would we even consider such a bill right now when our deficit is so high and so many Americans are struggling just to make ends meet? Why should an unemployed American support S 744?
  • The fact is immigration grows the economy slightly. Unfortunately, the only people who benefit from immigration are employers of immigrants and immigrants themselves. Middle class and less educated Americans are hurt by mass immigration. Ever since the US has begun its mass immigration policy of over 1 million per year in 1990, we have seen real income stagnate. Half of college graduates cannot find a job. And 20 million Americans are unemployed or underemployed. We should work toward an immigration policy that best contributes to our national interest.
  • S 744 would deny any newly legalized alien to be eligible for Obamacare, but they would get work permits. This would lead to an incentive for employers to hire newly legalized immigrants because they would not have to pay the fines associated with Obamacare, which they would otherwise have to pay if they hired an American. Will the House address this blatant flaw in the bill that rewards companies who hire immigrants over Americans?

If you plan to attend and need additional talking points or clarifications please email me here.

Thank you for your time,