A Unique Debate

Our country is in a unique debate.  It is unique not because of the subject matter, but because the overwhelming number of the proponents and opponents do not know the essence of the debate, nor do they understand the dire consequences.   Most Americans believe the debate is Republican versus Democrat or Conservative versus Liberal.  It is not Nixon versus Kennedy or Reagan versus Carter.  What we are in fact debating is the continuance or discontinuance of the American Experiment, individualism versus community, rewarding or punishing those who strive for excellence and achievement, encouraging or seeking revenge against non-conformists and those who would challenge; really, a free society versus a totalitarian state.


In the fall of 2008, America was promised that it would be led in a Fundamental Transformation.  Was this just a phrase being used for eloquence, or did it have deeper meaning and intent?  If it was, as all evidence suggests, used to portray deeper meaning and intent, then the debate in which our country is engaged, is a free capitalistic society versus a totalitarian Marxist society.


I have learned, Americans, whether conservative or liberal, Republican or Democrat, do not understand what Marxism is.  We do not have a common American meaning for Socialism, Communism or Marxism.  These words mean whatever the user of the term is trying to portray at the time.  Not only do we not have a common meaning, Americans do not know the historical relevance of these movements.  I would like to say, even though this is an indictment of the educational system, the true responsibility to know and understand lies with the individual.  An inquisitive and concerned individual can learn the historical relevance with some effort and research.


That Americans have simply taken the word of the educators is the reason we are at such a serious crossroads.  Throughout history, from ancient to modern, great leaders and thinkers have warned great nations will come and go; great societies of free men will come and go because of the inevitable complacency of the citizenry of those nations and societies.  These great minds warned those who would take the time to learn, that it is far easier to build a great and free society and nation then it is to keep it. They all warned this is so because of the inevitable complacency of the citizens and their belief that freedom and greatness once achieved is permanent.  These same great thinkers and leaders also warned, the downfall of great empires and free societies is a result of decay from within and not external forces.


So what is the essence of our unique debate?  Disciples of Karl Marx, such as Obama, Axelrod and Jarrett, have vowed to change the United States to a system consistent with the philosophy and teachings of Marx.  Marx taught capitalism is the cause of all problems in the world.  Profit is evil and is really the business owner taking what rightly belongs to the worker and state.  Marx would have the equivalent of a 100 per cent tax on business since he would have all business under the total control, regulation or ownership of the state.  Marx supported central planning, which is planning by bureaucrats and renders competition and market forces negligible.  He also wanted total government control of all communication, transportation and banking aspects including lending.


Society as a whole, under Marxism, will be totally conforming and equal.  This is true socially, politically and economically.  Citizens would receive based on needs as defined by the Marxists and not based on production.  All citizens would be enabled to make all their own decisions so long as the decisions were for the greater good of the community as defined by the Marxists.  The rights of the individual are always subordinated to the needs of the community as defined by the Marxists.  Nonconforming attitudes and ideas cannot be tolerated.  Individuals trying to excel or accumulate cannot be tolerated since this is considered capitalistic and all capitalism is evil.


Marxism and a free society cannot cohabit.   A free society can only exist for any length of time when it has a free exchange of ideas.  A free society can only exist for any length of time when its citizens have a healthy distrust of and not a total reliance on government.  A free society can only exist for any length of time when its legal structure is based on rule of law and not an arbitrary and capricious set of rules.  A free society can only exist for any length of time so long as elected officials and bureaucrats realize and understand they are servants of the people and operate as such.  A free society can only exist for any length of time so long as the citizens remain motivated to keep freedom and are willing to make the sacrifices to keep it.



The dire consequences of this movement are as serious for those who are wittingly supporting the movement as for those who are opposing it.  For everybody but an elite few who are rulers of the totalitarian state, basic freedoms and opportunities will be lost.  We will be unable to make decisions based on our individual desires.  We will not be rewarded for excellence or achievement.  Wants and desires will go unfulfilled.  Nonconforming ideas to Marxism and religious freedoms will not be tolerated.  Marxism can only exist in a totalitarian state, and that is the fundamental transformation we have been promised.


This is the essence of our unique debate; a free enterprise system driven by competition versus a centrally controlled Marxist economy with the economic rule, “From each according to his abilities, to each according to his needs.”  The outcome of this debate will determine if we remain a free society or become a society existing under the rule of a totalitarian state.


Don Jans, Author and Speaker


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