Have You Been Cancelled by Obamacare?

From Independent Women’s Voice –

“Have you had your health insurance plan cancelled by ObamaCare?

I have.  Check it out:

You can find my letter and others at our new website, MyCancellation.com.

We know that ObamaCare is causing this happen to people all across America — your family, your friends, your co-workers, your employees.  Maybe even you.

Washington needs to see what is happening.  So, we want you to send us your letter.

Take a picture of yourself with your cancellation letter and send it to us at letters@mycancellation.com.  (Don’t worry — we’ll make sure you keep all of your private information private!  Who do you think we are?  The government?)

Let Washington see the faces of all the people who were told they could keep their plan if they liked it, who really can’t.  All thanks to ObamaCare.


Hadley Heath
Senior Policy Analyst
Independent Women’s Voice”

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