Tempe 2040 General Plan

2040 Election

By state law, each city is required to pass a 10 year plan. These plans are required to be approved by the voters of the city, but many voters we speak with do not know what is in the plan or are confused by it.

The 2040 plan will guide the physical development of the city over the next ten years. 

TRW has not voted to take an official stance on the 2040 General Plan. Because of this, we cannot encourage a vote for or against, although many of our members have extremely strong opinions regarding this topic.

Please read the plan for yourself, 2040 General Plan, along with the land use maps on the same page. Decide for yourselves if this is the direction you want the city to take. 

Linked here, is a run down of the argument AGAINST the plan from some of our members.

The election is May 20th for those of you without early ballots.

If you have any questions, please email us at tempeazrw@gmail.com