Presidents Message – September 2015

Convention is a week away! Seemed like this last year has been a blur trying to prepare for this very special event.

Thanks to the hard work of everyone, TRW has received confirmation that we will be recipients of the Gold Award from AzFRW and the DIAMOND award from NFRW. Woo-hoo!!! Good job to everyone who helped to make this happen. Both the state and the national federation have some very particular criteria and we scored very high with these awards.

Some of you may or may not be aware that we will be voting on some big changes at both the state and national convention, including new board members and a new AzFRW President! At our September meeting, us who are delegates and attendees will deliver a recap of the exciting and important events that took place. There are a lot of interesting (and controversial) issues being addressed at this convention, so trust me when I say you won’t want to miss our September meeting.