Packages from Home

PFHSVG_Badge_Logo_200x200 TRW will have a packing party at Packages from Home on Saturday, January 18. Meet at the Pyle  Center at 10 am, and we will carpool.  (Correction, the meeting place has changed. Please email for directions to the new meeting spot if you planned to carpool.) Items needed for the soldiers are: 2 oz size Tobasco sauce,  individual packets of powdered drink mixes, and foot powder. Money is always welcome!  It costs  $14.85 for each box to be mailed. Hope to see you on January 18! If you have any questions,  please email

 From their website – “Packages from Home is one of the organizations listed and recognized by  the Department of Defense to send care packages in support of our troops. We have been  featured on many Military related websites, such as The Military Report and America Supports  You. Sometimes people ask us for names of soldiers to whom they can send packages on their own. However, to ensure the security of our Military we cannot release the names or addresses of any armed forces personnel in our database. In fact, even on this website you will see them referred to by only part of their name. If you are outside Arizona and want to support our great Military, we recommend you visit the America Supports You website. As part of the Department of Defense, the website gives many examples of ways to show your support for our Soldiers, Marines, Airmen, Sailors, Guardsmen, and Reservists.

Whether you are in Arizona or in another state, we hope you can find it in your heart to give a little back to our proud troops still serving abroad and our veterans..

Thank you,

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Kathleen Lewis
Founder of Packages From Home”